The story of mz tree’s art car 2017-05-15T18:50:43+00:00

First, mz tree’s car was quicksilver.

Then, she had it dipped blue like a sky to honor her two CD’s; Blueberry Sky and Lullaby Sky.

Chimenti Studios was brought in to paint the hood.


After finishing, her daughter inspects the artcar, making sure it’s the best!

Here is another artist, Willa Leannah, who had the first mermaid artcar in Sheboygan!

A butterfly advised her during the painting process… Mz treee’s music has a silly tip upside-down song called “Barefeet Butterflies”!

A caterpillar also visits mz tree’s car while it’s being painted!!

Each image on the art car hints at a mystery in a song or story mz tree created!

“Us Bus” is a favorite song of three year olds and college students. Miyazaki’s cat bus is painted above the right front wheel.

Another favorite mz tree song is is “Wonderpants”. Did you know Socrates said, “Wonder is the highest state of intelligence.”? mz tree is a nurse that believes wonder is essential to health as well.


Now mz tree travels at the speed of child which is sometimes a mad dash, but mostly slow, which is another kind of fast.

LakeMusic Studio is where mz tree teaches voice, guitar, song writing and global percussion 1:1. Mz tree is conservatory trained and finds fun ways to inspire kids. Here is the piano manta ray, which is a creature mz tree imagined.


Mz tree’s artcar can be seen in all seasons in the midwest and looks forward to traveling to energy fairs, schools, museums, and more as she spreads her music and stories of wonder and love for the whole family.