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Heart cartwheel through each season and create health through music with mz tree, a Registered Nurse who specializes in nature education and child development. A Masters in Writing gives mz tree’s songs a unique Suessical spin making songs easy to remember and sing along. Parents call Mz Tree the new Poppins, because she helps kids take care of themselves, each other, and the earth.

Happy relax as you read Tick Tock Tuck to your little moon clown as you then cuddle puddle to Lullaby Sky. Wake up with a morning story “Arden in the Garden” and enjoy a breakfast picnic! Take care of the day with the help of 42 lil songs on Blueberry Sky.

“hi five the sky
you hoo the blue
love up the sun
cuz it loves you”

“Blueberry Sky”

FORTY-TWO lil songs to wake up and take care of today! Mz Tree’s music will get the heart cartwheeling as kids eat veggies ‘do ray pea” and even clean up their room with a boom boom and zoom zoom. Whether its her quirky earth version of Wheels on the Bus or Do Ray Pea…kids LOVE to hi five the sky with every silly song as they stretch, laugh, dance in their wonder pants!


ready for a breakfast picnic?”

“Arden in the Garden”

What happens when a four year old can’t wait to grow now pow wow? Arden goes to the garden to observe the world in his backyard. Like Icarus, he tries to jump to the sun as dandelions drum and tomatoes tumble.

Kids of all ages will enjoy this naturally fantastic story with huge, joyful watercolor art by Evelyn Grasse!! Savor this little feast from award-winning mz tree.

Want to know a secret, the name Arden is taken from Shakespeare’s As You Like It and means ‘magical clearing in the woods”. Arden, her son, is now seventeen and Mz Tree is grateful for every dragonfly somersault moment together.


“tiptoe to the moonglow
past the gingko where dreams flow
past the shadows don’t be afraido
cuz its okayo, lay oh lay oh down”

“Lullaby Sky”

Get your child to sleep one, two, three.
Leave screentime for dreamtime.
Happy relaxed and pajama travel.
Build a pillow hill. Snuggle conduct the sun.

This amazing CD offers three failsafe levels of games and songs to
get moon clowns and monkey towns to sleep.

Mz is a nurse, Yogi, and mom at the lullaby club.
She knows how to help you, your child, cat, and
the salamander to sleep sweet.


“Goodnight pine tree by my window
wind blows rolly polly snow…
Lullaby sky I’m your child
close eyes, dreamsmile”

“Tick Tock Tuck”

Mz Tree’s bedtime story, illustrated by the marvelous Plastico Penaloza will calm and captivate! Four stories in one, this special book wishes each season with its seashells and kites, kittens and shoes…sweet dreams!