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Imagine a sunny day, hundreds of bubbles!
Your child and their friends laugh, sing, dance, do puppet shows,
as they play instruments, and dress up in butterfly wings for an unforgettable, special party.

Sound amazing?

Book mz tree for 150/hour today.

Value includes:

  • 30 min music show
  • Hands on instruments
  • Puppets
  • Butterfly wings
  • Bubbles (for outdoor parties)
  • mz tree cd for the birthday child 

Book mz tree for 250 and ten guests receive a Mz Tree CD (15 value) to take home.
This 150 value means you get mz tree’s music time for only 100!
Additional CD’s can be purchased for only five for additional gifts for guests, once the 250 balance is met.

Mz Tree is an award-winning performer, known as the singing nurse, who has performed all over the world, at schools, hospitals, museums, yoga studios, Bookworm Gardens, and the Pabst Theater.

Kid’s parties are a favorite because she has the chance to look each child in the eye and say you are wonderful.  Then together, they improvise silly songs about their favorite things in life.  How does it get better than that. Making new music with friends for a one of a kind, naturally fantastic party!