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Music Boosts Brain Power!

LakeMusic Studio is a safe place to inspire you best self.
Located on the shores of a Lake Michigan, students of all ages breathe deeper and set dreams free.

Conservatory-trained mz tree is at your service

  • develop your range
  • stabilize your pitch
  • strengthen breath
  • increase confidence
  • laugh and feel alive
  • improvise
  • explore songs that make you smile
  • expand your reportoire from mz tree’s big archives
  • prepare for your next recording project
  • fine tune, edit and create from the core
  • grow vocal projection for performance, theatre, & public speaking
  • play guitar with passion and inspiration
  • explore global percussion; including Kalimba, Udo, Pentatonic Chimes…
  • compose soundscapes on a 500 channel keyboard
  • write lyrics while studying great songwriters

mz tree’s
Unique Technique

mz tree’s technique has blossomed over years of experience, including

  • studying music at a Conservatory for seven years
  • earning a Master’s in Creative Writing
  • learning firsthand communication behaviors of dolphins
  • practicing yoga and taoist traditions
  • performing over four decades at
    • Bookworm Gardens
    • Pabst Theater
    • JMK Art Museum
    • Baltimore’s Visionary Art Museum
    • Public Radio
    • Universities
    • Venues from NYC to Venice

“Terrific job!  Nadine Abrahms, Librarian”

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely the perfect teacher for me!”  Amber, student