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Mz tree spreads encouragement and joy throughout the community.

Mz tree with Levar Burton

“Dramatic entrance…poetry, music, stories, rhythm…YES!”

Linda Jensen, 2nd grade teacher

“Kyane Howland is an inspirational voice coach who has had an impact on my singing and public speaking abilities. Learning with Kyane is not only a lot of fun; each lesson relieves stress, relaxes my spirit, and provides a therapeutic feeling that I have improved not only my voice but my entire body and soul.”

Gordy, LakeMusic Student

“Innovative and enthusiastic. The kids loved her program from beginning to end.”

Mrs. Ehrendreich, 3rd grade teacher

“She enchanted both young and old.”

WestSide Voice, Private Company

“Beautiful, soothing voice.”

“Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely the perfect teacher for me!”

Amber, 9 yr. old LakeMusic Student

“Whimsical, Uplifting, Engaging!”

Beth Carreno, Education Coordinator - Bookworm Gardens

“Terrific job! The kids really responded.”

Nadine Abrahms, Librarian

“mz tree infuses the students with creative energy to unlock their thoughts and ideas… truly refreshing!”

Kathy Schuh-Ries, Principal

“Thank you for inspiring hope in me while sharing your talents and seeing the beauty in my little three year old (Hannah at Bookworm Gardens yesterday) who knows few social norms yet can recognize your joy and talent when she sees and feels it. Children are better off knowing you…if only for a few songs. I wish you more joy, authentic joy, for it seems that is what you effortlessly create in others, small and ‘tall’.”

Sarah DeCraene, Mom/Bookworm Gardens

“Lovely, her creativity is continually exciting, a joy to work with.”

Kathleen Sonnentag, Conservatory of Music