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shimmer with the sunshine glimmer with the moon sparkle with your heart see you real soon!

mz tree - sheboygan, WI

Join a homemade jam of originals and old fav’s!

Mz tree will come to your yoga studio, school, farmer’s market, museum, garden, library, festival, and energy fair.
Over four decades of performing from the Lullaby Club to Bookworm Gardens, Pabst Theater,
JMK Art Museum, Baltimore’s Visionary Art Museum, Public Radio, Universities, and venues from NYC to Venice…
We can create a great day in a global neighborhood!

Send mz tree a message or call 920-334-0664

Tune in the wonder and love of living on a blue-green ball.
Make it a happy planet through music and community with award-winning mz tree!
Leap, see, listen, sing, touch, taste, dance, breathe freely through each season.